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Here's Us!

There we are! We are just a family from Duluth, MN who love to have fun!
Our munchkins are Cayden, Zoey, Flynn, and Sydney
A little history...
We were founded on the simple principle that extraordinary brides do not deserve an ordinary day. Mark & Alayna started Diamond M.C. Entertainment on the belief that no bride and groom should have to plan their day alone. We wanted to be different and do more to make sure our clients have all the right information to make the best choices for their perfect day! We’re not in the music business, we’re in the memory making business. With Diamond M.C. Entertainment, Your perfect day starts here!

Meet The Team


Mark Cpin

Finding a deep passion for the DJ entertainment industry early on. Mark got his start with a large multi-op service. He rose to the top quickly, gaining experience. Wanting to do more, Mark began taking many different classes, seminars and workshops to become a fully trained Master Of Ceremonies. Mark eventually started Diamond M.C. Entertainment with the sole purpose of creating amazing one of a kind events done right. He stays on the cutting edge by attending seminars, conferences and workshops put on by leaders in the industry. With over 10 years of experience and thousands of events performed, Mark is sure to make any event one for the record books!

20191018Cpin-54 (1).jpg

Alayna Cpin

Alayna has always had a love for music and even though she is not out performing at our events, she is still crucial to helping our clients have the best event possible. Alayna is in charge of most of the behind the scenes work. Including things such as returning emails, setting up meetings, creating all the business brochures, handouts, business cards, the planning booklet and even this fancy website! She has also helped decorate and plan several weddings that we have had the privilege of being a part of. She loves helping our clients with all aspects of their events and puts the feminine touch in the company.

So...Why choose us?
We’re not only about the day of! Part of what makes us special is our ability to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Looking for a vendor or wondering if you should hire a vendor or do it yourself? We’ve worked with hundreds of vendors and seen countless numbers of unique ideas. The right vendors in the right places make all the difference and the right DIY projects can save you thousands on your budget! We’re here to help connect you to extraordinary vendors that will go above and beyond for you as well as help you decide if you need a vendor or if you can do it yourself and how. 
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